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Children in Reception have been having a great time making dens. They have made small dens out of shoe boxes for their "pet" monsters and written stories about them. They have made large dens in the outdoor area. We especially like our "greenhouse" den made out of plastic pop bottles. We are having a special outdoor camping day to help raise money for Save the Children.

Reception finished off their den activities with a special outdoor day. They told their own stories in the tents; made natural bracelets with grass, flowers and leaves; toasted marshmallows over the barbecue and ate them. They rounded off the fun with some very loud singing round the “campfire.”
For the grand finale of our money weeks, Reception had a fantastic time at their fair despite the bad weather. We had been working hard making posters, tickets, stalls and food to make it a great success. We enjoyed practising spending our own money on all the stalls. All our favourites were there: whack a rat, hook a duck, lucky dip and lots more. A big thank you to Year 5 who came to run the stalls; they were brilliant!

This is some of our work - we hope you like it!

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