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During the Summer Term every class takes part in a variety of exciting activities based on money.

These are the 2017 activities.

YR: Making stalls, signs and food for stalls for the YR Fair. The children will be handling money; recognising and adding 1p, 2p and 10p coins.

Y1: Saving money and spending wisely Week. The children have been asked to spend some time earning 100 pennies at home and having a week of money lesson; recognising counts, grouping and counting amounts. Each lunchtime there will be a shop for the children to spend in as long as they can total up correct amounts they want to spend and change. They have the option to save up for the mystery special Friday shop which could be good or bad. It's a mystery!

Y2: The children will be looking at the history of money and what happened before money. They will also think about money from around the world. They will learn how to manage a budget by working in groups to make the best party bag for a given budget. Finally, they will try to plan a day at the seaside without spending a penny.

Y3: Fair Trade. The children will be learning all about what Fair Trade means. They will learn about the meaning of the Fair Trade symbol, which products display the symbol and where these products come from. They will look at case studies to learn about the positive impact Fair Trade has on the lives of farmers in poorer countries.

Y4: Three money workshops are being delivered by a member of Santander’s Discovery Project which helps young people understand more about the world of money and give them the skills to become good money managers: How to Manage Money; What Banks Do and Junior MoneyWise: Digital Money.

Y5: Y5 are setting up a bracelet making business including calculating costings, making bracelets, designing advertising posters and running a shop. The aim is to earn enough money to pay for an outing at the end of Year 6. They will also be learning about ‘The adventure of a ten pound note’.

Y6: Dragons’ Den
Information and photographs on this are available on this website. 

Year 3 Children looked at 'Fairtrade' during money week. 

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