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The High Five Club

All the children at the school are automatically members of Mr Paul's High Five Club whether they stay for school dinners or bring packed lunches. It is our way of reminding them to eat five pieces of fruit and veg every day.

we have the High five handshake, where you pat the palm of your hand against your friends and shout "High Five" (I go home with very sore hands some days)

We are bringing out a series of sticker badges stating things like 'I'm in the High Five Club' and 'I've eaten all my dinner today'.

Certificates are presented during morning assemblies to those children who have done exceptionally well in eating their meals.

Lets not forget Mr Paul's Friday Fish and Chip Club where children who normally bring packed lunches, have fish and chips with their friends.

As if that was not enough we have started to produce a High Five Comic which will be released every term and tells of the adventures of Mr Paul and the High Five Club.

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